With over 30 years combined experience.


We offer outsourced branding, digital marketing and web design specifically for start up + small to medium sized businesses.


 Operating in Europe & Australia VIRTUELLE DIGITAL understands small business. We execute exceptional personalities for brands big and small - and we pride ourselves on understanding what drives business in a digitally focused world.

Because of this, we have created business smart solutions specifically tailored to smaller companies without the need for large agency budgets.

We are a team of passionate, quality driven digital marketers, branding experts and web designers.

Oh and did we mention we love start-ups? Because we’ve been there too.



What we offer.

Digital Marketing + Web Design

Your virtual Marketing Manager. We specialise in small to medium sized businesses and we absolutely love start-ups! Our digital marketing executives are strategy experts and can help you promote your business by implementing various digital marketing initiatives and ongoing management.

We also offer website design + development and will be there to help you from the beginning. From creation to execution, and optimisation. We include; SEO and SEM as a part of our set up packages (and if you don’t know what this means, we’ll make sure you do).




Branding, Digital Marketing & Social Media Management

Are you looking for growth?

A strong strategic approach to brand and marketing creates success.

Do you have an online brand? Do you need a new logo?

Do you have a dedicated resource to make sure your social pages convert to leads?

We define and communicate what makes your business remarkable so you can achieve game-changing results.


We live in a more connected world than ever and we want to make sure your brand is telling your audience the right story and your page visits are converting to qualified leads.

Having comprehensive digital marketing strategy can be essential to grow your business. Are you currently converting leads through your sales funnel? 

Not sure if you're doing it right? Not sure how you rate with competition? We offer a FREE online brand health check!

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+ Online brand strategy

  • Brand development
  • Customer personas
  • Customer journey
  • Benchmark competitors
  • Define digital targeting approaches
  • Define value proposition
  • Integration with traditional channels
  • 4p's digital intergration

+ Digital marketing

  • Email campaigns
  • Lead generators
  • Paid advertising
  • AdWords
  • SEO
  • Social media

+ Social media strategy

  • Research
  • Data analysis
  • Define target audience platforms
  • Time of day posting
  • Paid advertising
  • Content development
  • Blog content
  • Brand guidelines
  • Content design
  • Competitor activity

+ Social media management

  • Day-to-day posting
  • Content analysis
  • Competitor insight
  • Scheduling

+ Research

  • Competitor insight
  • Data and analytics
  • Cost analysis
  • ROI
  • Lead generation

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Is your business in pre-launch phase?

Are you ready to attract the right customers to your business?

Do you already have a brand but don't know what to do with it?

We use strategy, consultancy and operations for a relationship centric approach to launching a new or existing business

WE LOVE building new social relationships with the right audience for your brand. 

Traditional marketing strategies no longer apply in the current world of social media. 
We believe in a multi channel approach  social and online networking is our forte. We understand how brands can drive and grow engagement. 

Our digital expert consultants will help you plan and implement organic or paid strategies based on social listening and target audience analysis. Our social media team is also expert in the content and community management of communities and we’ll help you grow your business and generate leads.

We can also manage your brand and online strategy after implementation.  We can take over your day to day posting, replying to online forums and even create/source content on your behalf. 

Enquire here for a detailed information pack on our new business branding and management packages. 

+ New Business Strategy

  • Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Review
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Analytics

+ Re-Branding

  • Define Goals
  • Analysis
  • Competitive landscape
  • Brand vocie and personality
  • Audience
  • Research
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Review and management

+ Ongoing Management

  • New business avenues
  • Analytics
  • Content creation
  • Review and update strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Sales strategy

+ Online brand health check

  • Current environment analysis and research
  • Industry standards
  • Benchmark for success
  • Situational improvements

Web Development


Looking to make your online debut?

Sales not converting?

Want to re-brand your existing site? 

Extend your site's reach with SEO?


We've got you covered. Our team of designers take the complex and make it simple, with modern, sleek and eye catching designs that connect and convert your audience.


our developers are a bunch of self proclaimed geeks that know how to build and execute highly functional and efficient website.

AND most of all, we know how to work as a team… To execute your properly designed and functional website.

Being a small business we take the time to work with you to understand your needs and vision. We are passionate about small business and want to see you succeed.

We believe in SUCCESS by DESIGN.

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+ Web Design

Our designers specialize in crafting simple, beautiful, and intelligent website experiences. We develop our strategies around the central purpose of your site to ensure you are connecting with your audience as seamlessly and impressionably as the internet will allow.

+ 100% Mobile Friendly

The scales have already tipped: more than 50% of all traffic online is now mobile! Designing sites to make a meaningful impression is more important than ever, so we ensure your site looks great and perfectly adapts to any size of screen.


Search Engine Optimisation is an art form. We provide comprehensive research to understand how your market uses search, and then we optimize every detail within your site to maximize your reach.

+ Custom build & CMS; Squarespace & Shopify

We can custom build sites or use an easy to edit formt such as Squarespace or Shopify. Squarespace or Shopify makes updating and managing your site simple and fast. Additionally, we are SQUARESPACE CIRCLE MEMEBERS and provide a 20% discount for any first-time annual subscription to Squarepace.

+ Development

Every website is its own unique set of challenges. Our custom development and coding expertise gives us flexibility to not just tackle challenges, but resolve them in the most effective ways possible.

+ Content Writing

Make every word count. We'll help to take all your ideas and translate them into simple and impressionable brand statements.

+ E-Commerce

We offer a fully integrated e-commerce platform within our sites. Our designs are careful to funnel conversions, and the platform makes managing orders simple and easy.

+ Website Management & promotion

Want a Marketing expert to help bring in leads? Manage social media or digital advertising campaigns? Or keep your site or online store up to date and maintained? We've got you covered there too!