7 reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant is a good idea.. For some.

By Rachel Smith. Founder // Director // VIRTUELLE.


Let's get one thing straight. A Virtual Assistant (VA) isn't for every business. But for those who do fit..

Well they'd be absolutely insane not to jump on the bandwagon.

Why 7 reasons ? Because reading 10 takes too much time. Reading 5 isn't worth it.

Which leads us to our first and most important reason.

1. Time is money

Time is money and that will never change. We only get 168 hours a week, how you choose to spend that is your choice, but successful businesses do this well. Successful leaders know how to delegate, prioritise and understand that administration isn't making them money.

2. Money is money

Building a business means making money, spending it on wasted resources is part of the game but not going to help your bottom line grow. If you do the calculations of a full time employee, the average PA or EA full time salary is between 60k-150k per year, add recruitment costs, superannuation, office equipment, office space, training, turnover, holidays.. You get the picture. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics the average human is productive for 3 hours a day (YES! OK - maybe on some days!). Despite this we're in the office 38+ hours week. So you have to keep them busy! Your VA only costs you for the number of hours they work on your tasks.

In the words of Bryan Miles “Your personnel budget is suffocating your margin for growth”

3. The world has gone virtual

Most professional (and many personal) relationships are virtual, we work mostly on email, instant chat, virtual calls and social and professional media. More business transactions are done on email than phone, and we are reducing the number of face to face meetings. Others won’t know where your assistant is, and you probably wouldn’t either! Provided you’re matched with someone on your work week time zone, your VA is probably more present during contact hours than someone in your office.

VIRTUELLE uses apps like G Suite, TrelloSlack & Toggle to track time spent on work completed, communicate with you and manage individual tasks and projects. 

4. You simply get more bang for your buck. Your VA is multi talented

Your VA is multi talented and their employer (VIRTUELLE.) has multi faceted resources. They can perform multiple roles. It can be as simple as doing your time wasting admin, expenses, travel, data entry, research, pay your bills, wait on hold for a telco company to tell you your bill is overdue and all of those tasks that don’t make you money. They can also develop your social media strategy, manage your social media, re-develop your online brand, your website* and recruit on your behalf* if needed. You have back up if they are sick or on leave and you don’t even pay for that.

*extra small fee applies.

5. Work life balance isn't just a theory in this always connected world

Work life balance is hard to find in a world where our mobile devices are an extension of our arm. Having a Virtual Assistant at your disposal allows you to have more leisure time to do what you love: to be with your family and loved ones, to have more fun, to enjoy hobbies, stay fit and healthy and focus on your priorities outside of the working environment.

6. You’re subscribing to an already trained eye

VA’s hit the ground running, they’ve already done this role - normally for a long time. Your Virtual Assistant is an invaluable advisor, they have an objective and unbiased view of the global situation of your business, while being precise with all details. They’ll need to get to know the way you like to work, your goals and objectives and the work you’ll want them to complete and that’s about it!

7. Finally, there are tried and tested advocates. In the words of Michael Hyatt himself

“I’m convinced that virtual assistants are the future. Tricia has worked for me, fifteen hours a week, since last August.

Honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I have ever made. Many successful entrepreneurs I know are following suit.

The truth is that most of my professional relationships today are virtual. I’ll bet many of yours are as well.

Almost all of my business transactions are conducted via e-mail and occasionally phone. It really doesn’t matter where my assistant is located. No one knows the difference.

All they know is that I have a sharp, responsive assistant who helps them get what they need when they need it. What I know is that I have a trusted business partner who frees me up to do what I do best. Maybe it’s time to consider hiring one for yourself.”

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